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School Readiness

Starting School is the beginning of an amazing journey.  It needn’t however be challenging for educators or parents.  

Emergent Curriculums

Child led learning and the associated curriculum is key to success under the EYLF. We can help you capture teachable moments more frequently.

Maintaining Quality in the EYLF

Each setting covets an “Excellent” accreditation rating.  Here’s our view on the major areas of focus and how to shine.

Learning through Play

It may look like fun and games, but learning through play is central to the philosophy underpinning the EYLF.

Intentional teaching website info 1.pdf

Intentional Teaching

We  all like to see children learning in the most natural way, but how can we as professional scafold this process.

Early Advisory: Workshops & Seminars

At Early Advisory we can provide workshops on any suitable Early Years Educational topic.  Here are some key examples.

Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)

The EYLF presents many challenges and opportunities across the Early Years environment.  At Early Advisory we can help you.

Resources for Parents

Early Years Education starts at home, as do all the challenges of being a parent.  Hopefully this will help.

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