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Shahn Saunders - Managing Director

Shahn Saunders has been working in Early Years Education for over 20 years. She is the Managing Director of Early Advisory and specialises in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) with an emphasis on emergent and play based curriculums.  Shahn believes that Educators have the ability to guide children’s learning thus maximising their opportunity to reach their full potential each day.

Shahn thrives on sharing her knowledge, experience and passion for Early Years Learning and Education with her clients.

Being a mother herself, Shahn has the ability to relate to working parents and inter operate children’s behaviour and development on a parental and professional level.

Shahn possesses a genuine love of children and a genuine love of learning.  

Our Ethos

Early Advisory is an advocate for children’s rights and recognises the child as the focal point for all its services. We celebrate the unique nature of teaching and learning in all its environments.  In addition Early Advisory acknowledges the individual developmental path that each child follows and strives to support all children to ensure they reach their full potential.

Our goal is to inspire educators, parents and all those interacting with children for the betterment of those in early years education and to ensure we achieve best outcomes for children.

Early Advisory ‘s services are always provided within a respectful and fully inclusive manner, which recognises cultural diversity and appreciates the richness of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage.


About Us

Early Advisory provides professional support and training to the Early Years Education sector. Developing and implementing customised training packages, interactive presentations and mentoring programs. Each service offered is designed in collaboration with our clients to ensure we always provide relevant fit for purpose educator support and guidance.

Support and training are facilitated in group and/or individual sessions and can be held on site for service inset days, or presented at alternative external venues. All learning materials and presentation equipment are provided and the duration of training sessions is catered to our clients requirements.

Whether your organisation is a single site solution, or a multi faceted, multi disciplined corporate, we can develop the right programme for , and your staff, to meet their unique requirements.


Our Staff